Mike Ryan 99.9 Lite FM

 Workday Afternoons Monday-Friday 3pm-7pm


A little more about me: Did you ever feel like you’re supposed to be somewhere? Yeah, that’s what I felt as soon as I graduated high school. I knew without a doubt that I’d be doing radio in St. Cloud, and eventually at 99.9 Lite FM! When people ask me how I’ve known all along, I always say it’s like walking on a beach: there’s a clear destination ahead, but if you don’t take your time getting there, you’re going to miss the beauty along the way. For me, winding up at 99.9 Lite FM has been an amazing journey, and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

Spring and summer time means playing golf, biking, gardening and spending as much time outside as possible. Say "hi" if you see me at "Summertime by George!"