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Amos grew up in Michigan and moved to Minnesota in 1991. Having come to Minnesota with no real plan, he worked at various jobs in the cities before taking a radio internship to see if he might like it. Turns out he did enjoy the idea of a job that wasn't really a job...and decided to figure out how to get a job on-air. He was directed to KCLD, in Saint Cloud, where he started answering phones for the night guy. Soon after, he was hired as part-time on-air, on the weekends and overnight shifts. After a year’s time, he was lucky enough to land the afternoon drive slot! A few years later, he was juggled to mid-days. Amos remained on mid-days on KCLD for several years until he was strongly encouraged to take over as Creative Director (a job that had driven many fine people mad). Reluctantly, he accepted the position and, as luck would have it- had great success! Still loving what brought him to radio in the first place, Amos later rejoined KCLD on mid-days.

Currently, Amos still serves as Creative Director for Leighton’s Saint Cloud cluster, is still on mid-days with KCLD, and has added mornings on Lite 99.9 FM to his schedule. He has a wonderful wife, 2 small children and a teenager. Amos loves working for such a stable, family-owned company. The one challenge he faces is satisfying his passion for the Creative/Copywriting/Advertising side of radio AND his love for sharing life’s many stories on-air with the listeners of central Minnesota…a good challenge to have.

Famous Amos Fun Facts:

  • His radio career didn’t begin until he was 30 years old.
  • His mother, brother and sister are Canadian. He and his father were born in the states.
  • Two members of his high school rock band went on to play for Kid Rock for a period of time.
  • When Amos met his wife Lisa on eHarmony, they lived only a mile apart, on the same road…in the same town!

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