Nearly Impossible Question

Listen weekdays around 3:20 for the Nearly Impossible Question with Mike Ryan. Be the first person to solve it by calling 259-LITE (5483) and you win.

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Monday, June 22nd

Nearly Impossible Question: According to a recent survey, MEN are almost 5 times more likely to lose THIS than women. What is it?

Answer: Lose their hearing!

Tuesday, June 23rd

Nearly Impossible Question: According to a USA Today poll, one in four Americans "rarely or never" use these, despite warnings to do so. What are they?

Answer: Sunglasses!

Wednesday, June 24th

Nearly Impossible Question: According to recent statistics, 13 percent of people who get this are men…what is it?

Answer: Botox!

Thursday, June 25th

Nearly Impossible Question: You might think this is acceptable to do at work, but 84 percent of your co-workers don’t like it…what is it?

Clue: Peeling or biting them especially not accepted!