Nearly Impossible Question

Listen weekdays around 3:20 for the Nearly Impossible Question with Mike Ryan. Be the first person to solve it by calling 259-LITE and you win.

Today win a family pack of tickets to the Jose Cole Circus plus 2 sub sandwiches from Subway. 



Monday, March 23rd

Nearly Impossible Question: According to a new survey by David's Bridal, nearly two-thirds of brides-to-be have done this online. What is it?

Answer:Show a picture of their engagement ring?

Tuesday, March 24th

Nearly Impossible Question: According to a recent survey: Of all the skills men should possess, THIS comes in number 1. What is it? 

Answer: How to fix a toilet!

Wednesday, March 25th

Nearly Impossible Question: 18 percent of all restaurant meals served in America today will have THIS in common. What is it?
Answer: Fries!

Thursday, March 26th

Nearly Impossible Question: About 4 million American women have done THIS in the last 12 months. What is it? 
Clue: That's a lot of yelling and screaming and eventually the only time you enjoy hearing crying!